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Major Live Issues for 3/26/2014 
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Post Major Live Issues for 3/26/2014
I haven't been on a whole lot lately (with any game, as you can see looking at my xfire games) for various reasons, mostly because I haven't been home when others DARKies are online, job and other priorities interfering to keep things short, but these things definitely don't help drag or keep me in-game, lol. I'm going to try rolling back to nvidia driver 332.21 as recommended below, and hopefully we'll get this lib/death-screen update screw-up ironed out soon!!! Seriously, less than a day to test lib weapons and other updates, no wonder those weapons are terrible and we get all these issues. Here's to hoping by the time the balance patch is all set next month we get some things evened out again, and the overall game in a better state, especially with a 64-bit client otw.

Hey all -

In order to give some visibility to the top issues we're working on fixing we'll be posting a weekly thread with the issues we're tracking. We won't always have a fix as of the posting, and often we'll be asking for more info from you on these issues. These are the things we're hearing you guys say are broken, so they're where we're focusing our attention.

We are tracking the following major issues as of 3/26/2014.

Live issues:
    • Hit Detection inconsistencies
      o Description: We have tracked many of the recent issues with hit detection to anti-cheat validation on the server. This can be made worse by having a slower or unstable connection to the game server.
      o Status: We're making some adjustments to the thresholds for the validations which will be going live over the next few days and continuing to monitor. Additionally, in the next few weeks we are going to put in some more information about the quality of your connection state so that you can be better informed when connection related errors are occurring.

    • Multi-second hitch/freeze frame every 20 minutes
      o Description: Some players have been experiencing a long pause that occurs exactly every 20 minutes. We have found the cause of this issue, it is also related to network connection, players with a worse connection to the game server will have a more severe hitch.
      o Status: We have identified the problem and have a solution in progress. It will go live ASAP but no solid ETA at this time.

    • Input latency (Mouse lag)
      o Description: Players have reported latency in mouse input and issues with raw mouse input
      o Status: We've made some adjustments to our input manager which will go live with tonight's game update. If you've been experiencing this issue, please let us know if the patch has helped resolve it.

    • Area de-synchronization
      o Description: Players entering and exiting areas in the game is currently error prone. This bug is the cause of a variety of issues like the vehicle invulnerability (where the game didn't think you left the warpgate), bases capturing with no players present, credit for capturing a base that you've left, etc.
      o Status: We're testing a fix we hope to have in tonight's game update. If it works, and the issue is resolved, warpgate invulnerability will be subsequently reenabled.

    • VOIP Inconsistency
      o Description: in-game voice is a bit inconsistent, with players not being in the correct squad/platoon/outfit channels
      o Status: We're aware of issues here, working on a resolution but no ETA at this time.

Common Crashes:
    • NVIDIA Graphics Driver Crash
      o Description: Latest NVIDIA graphics drivers crash causing a black screen which lasts several seconds in game.
      o Status: NVIDIA is working on fixing this crash in their driver, we recommend the 332.21 driver for now for maximum stability.

    • Out Of Memory Crash
      o Description: the client will crash at around 3gb of ram used, this commonly causes crashes on longer play sessions
      o Status: 64-bit client will help if you have a 64-bit OS. This client isn't quite ready for live yet, but you can help get it there by hopping on Public Test and helping us hammer on it. Let us know what you think!

    • Asset Management Crash
      o Description: This is a fairly common crash that we're very close to fixing, it would feel like a random crash to desktop without any consistent reproduction.
      o Status: Close to having a fix.

If you have any more information about any of the issues in this list, please reply here and tell us more.

Source: ... 14.179848/

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Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:24 am
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Post Re: Major Live Issues for 3/26/2014
Bump for those crashing, try cleaning your nvidia drivers with something like driver fusion and roll back to the recommended.

I may update soon, take a look if your wondering: ... es.179848/

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Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:19 am
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