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Subs, Boosts, & XP vs. Score 

Do you constantly run an XP boost and/or subscribe?
Poll ended at Sun May 04, 2014 4:10 am
I currently have a subscription and always run an XP boost 29%  29%  [ 4 ] PhunkSauce, Calisai, shonuff, MaChao2006
I'm subscribed right now but don't usually run an XP boost 50%  50%  [ 7 ] ObsidianOne, icanbeurhero, MightyMouser, TWrecks, Fed, soupcanm, Mjollinr
I run an XP boost all the time but do not have a subscription 7%  7%  [ 1 ] a88
I rarely run an XP boost and am not currently subscribed 14%  14%  [ 2 ] Woapalanne, WhatIsOurLimits
Total votes : 14

Subs, Boosts, & XP vs. Score 
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Post Subs, Boosts, & XP vs. Score
You think the top tier leaderboard would change a whole lot if they replaced XP with Score on them?

Also, public poll!!! weeeee

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Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:10 am

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Post Re: Subs, Boosts, & XP vs. Score
ObsidianOne wrote:
You think the top tier leaderboard would change a whole lot if they replaced XP with Score on them?

Also, public poll!!! weeeee

Hmm... I would imagine so. My SPM is 453 for the life of my Char. I've pretty much always had 100% boost (Member + Alpha & Heroic)... I've only just let the perma-boost lapse and don't plan on buying another... just use the occasional 3-day or 1-day reward, etc.

So I can pretty easily say my SPM would be 226 without boosts. Also take in mind, however, that vehicle XP was increased a number of months after release. I was a vehicle centric Mag driver prior to that and spent quite a bit of time killing them in a time when the driver & gunner were worth the same as the vehicle. Also spent a lot of time sniping in the early days as well. However, I've also had months where I've averaged 800 SPM... mostly by pushing for certain playstyles (Auraxium VPC, the increase of vehicle XP, etc)

So for those with high SPM now... they generally are choosing high SPM playstyles... and boosts don't help with that, they just multiply the rewards.

You would see those free accounts that do the same thing show up on the boards. A free account that did the exact same killing, same score gain... wouldn't be anywhere on the list because the Boosted player would have double the XP.

In other words, yea... the leaderboards would change, but only in that the free players would jump up to their rightful spots. I've always been annoyed that score and XP were saved after-boosts. It should always have been raw scores saved along side total-XP.

That's why I tend to look at things like accuracy & kills/hr more than total kills or total XP. For example, take a player with 10,000 kills and compare him to one with 2,000 kills. Which is the best player? What if the guy with 10,000 had played for 1000 hours and the guy with 2k only played for 100. Which is the best knowing that? (course best/better judgements don't take in account if the 2k guys is strictly farming... so it's not a perfect system anyway... but what ya going to do)

Edit: Heh, after re-reading the paragraph above this... you can see this in play strictly by my custom signature, and by what I choose to showcase... lol.


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Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:21 pm
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Post Re: Subs, Boosts, & XP vs. Score
I just subscribed this week and have only run boosts that were awarded to me during the WDS event thing. But none of that matters because you will not find me anywhere on the leader boards. Not that I have even looked at them. Is this something you guys do often? Does the information there help you in any way?
Just curious.


Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:05 pm
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Post Re: Subs, Boosts, & XP vs. Score
I have never ran a boost in my entire time playing this game. But I am still sitting strong at a 183.8 SPM! Don't know why its low, got a 1.8 k/d but I guess its low cuss I am biased to air kills solo libbing :P. Almost never ground pound solo libbing. And I do run infiltrator and heavy a lot. Get good amounts of kills. But really I never was one to care about stats. Maybe k/d but that was back in the old CoD days lol

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Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:30 pm
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