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1. Sadistaclese

2. I am a VS loyalist. Death to those who oppose the will of Vanu!

3. Luke

4. 35

5. EST (UTC -0500)

6. Brotip, Galgimp, and a few other former 3GIS/VULT members

7. Played PS1 for years, Alpha Squad member for PS2. Old, grizzled, salty war-dog of a PS vet. I prefer to sit in my Galaxy and get support ribbons while ground-pounders do all the work. Fleet does the flying. MI does the dying. Would you like to know more?

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Imagine flying half a million tons of starship. You gotta have nerves of steel!

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Thank you for the paper work, gave you access to the rest of DARK's history boards. :)
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