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1. In game name (login name should be the same): OutlawSZvs

2. Do you have any alternate characters you play on Mattherson or on other servers? If so, please list them here:
Connery - VS - Keepers of Johari - OutlawSZ
Emerald - TR - Hells Rangers - OutlawSZ
Emerald - NC - Blue Lions - OutlawNC

3. RL First Name: Jeff

4. RL Age:47

5. Time zone you play in and your frequency of play: Eastern - Daily

6. What or who brought you to DARK? You watched us on the battlefield? You spoke to a member? Let us know here: 1shot1kill HR suggested since I tend to run on VS a few nights a week. I was in my own outfit until now.

7. Anything you'd like to tell us? Additional comments or questions here: Like many, been playing since Beta PS1 in Sturmgrenadier. I take time off from the game now and again.Otherwise, I live in Michigan and yeah, that is about it.

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Re: OutawSZvs

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Great to have you onboard. Bumped into Keepers of Johari on Connery, was very impressed. Always glad to have more HR here.

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