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Author:  Mindslip [ Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Mindslip

1. In game name (login name should be the same):

2. RL First Name (optional):

3. RL Age (optional):

4. Email address where we can reach you (yeah, it has to be valid):

5. Timezone you play in/Frequency of play:
3-6 nights a week, depending on work load. Timezone is CST.

6. What or Who brought you to DARK? You watched us on the battlefield? You spoke to a member? Let us know.
It was actually thisthread, and also a lot to do with the things I talk about bellow.

7. Anything you'd like to tell us?
Sure. First, I do not have a high BR VS character. My main character is Stratagoes on TR (BR20, CR2). I've run with a wide range of outfits and have been playing Planetside since the beginning of high school. I'm now in college and have pretty much set aside most of my game playing in general. Planetside, however, is something that i do not want to give up. At the same time, I need to recognize the reality of the situation, which is that I need to focus on college. I think there is a happy medium, though. An environment without all the extra crap and focused game playing would be perfect. At the same time, it cannot be so competitive that it takes away from work. Time wise, later at night is perfect because of classes and other activities. I know when you guys usually run, and 8-12EST works out to be 7-11 my timezone.

What I am looking to do now is start up a VS character and find a relaxed but competitive group of people to run with. Basically a group of people who can roll through a TR armor column with just a few mags, but understand if one of the pilots of the mags has to leave in the middle of a charge because of something urgent IRL. It's a simple analogy, but I think it best describes the environment I think I could contribute to. Also, I just can't play for long hours on end anymore, but putting in a good 3 to 4 hour run at the end of the day sounds perfect.

Mindslip is only BR4 right now (Engineering, Medium Assault, Magrider, and Starfire). What I really would like to do is cloak, but I'm at least a good ten or eleven BRs away from that at the moment. Anyway, I just thought I would drop you guys a line and let you know I am interested. If you want me to come back after Mindslip becomes more useful, no hard feelings. If you think I am just too young, again, no hard feelings. I think I could add something to the group. I'm quiet on TS, I don't mind leaving in the middle of an Interlink farm to resecure a base, and I think the way I approach things now is really in line with the things you guys talk about in the recruiting thread and parts of this forum.

That's pretty much it. Hope to hear from you soon :-).


Author:  Malign [ Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:04 am ]
Post subject: 

Nice to see you Mindslip, someone from DARK will holler at you in game.

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