Sup guys..
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Author:  Batosai [ Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Sup guys..

I played on saturday and sunday with Malign in the caves and our "metallic butts" did some damage. I had a really good time on sunday night when as it turned out I was surrouned by dark and didn't even know it. You guys seemed like a mature bunch who like me, just wanted to kill shtuff. I told Malign and Crusher that I would stop by the site and register.

In the beginning there were three who founded the Planetside Triads who you've probably seen running around. Danco, Chopstix and I were those three. Danco and I are still playing. I <3 the triads, but never can play with any of the old schoolers who I want to play with. I find myself playing my alts alot just to get away from the outfit chatter. Also I play on dialup. I haven't always and won't forever, but for now I connect at 36 kbps (a lot of the reason I stay in the caves). I'm seriously considering joining and would like everyone to please bear with me while I make this decision, as even though it is just a game, I have made many real life friends (saturday I had just gotten back from a triads "get together", 5 of us within the midwest got together for some ribs and beer and some halo, and some poker), and probably some real life enemies in it...

I look forward to hitting some more caves with you guys...

And someone with some skill fix my sigs. They works in html but I have a lot of trouble getting them to work in bbCode. It's a "real time" (in quotes cuz sony hasn't updated my kills for like 2 months) sig generator a dude in the triads made...

Author:  Malign [ Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:25 am ]
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First of all, welcome. A few points to touch on.

Many of us in DARK know what it's like to leave an established outfit, and your outfit points there, and begin anew. You might hear their stories below as they welcome you to, for now, our website. My story will come another time. We then understand that these decisions take time, and the fact that you came is a great start.

We don't do caves all the time, but we do caves a lot. Almost 100% of our membership has Core Combat, and recognize the point value/face to face fun the caves can offer. We will be there a lot, and though their might be times you're in there alone, it hopefully won't be for long. You mentioned to me you were moving soon and I take it that would bring broadband to you again, so hang in there.

I'm going to make it so your website rights allow you to see more than just a registered user. Please take the time, if you have it, to read and get to know us from these posts.

Regardless if you join, we look forward to seeing you in game.

Author:  Ghol [ Mon Nov 08, 2004 10:33 am ]
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Welcome to DARK HQ, Bat. It's a testiment to your determination and love for the game that you've been playing on a dial-up connection... ouchie. :shock:

I was an NC for many months when the game was new and in one of the Spam-Recruit outfits that didn't last. I figured out too late that I was surrounded by a bunch of children. My leaving was easy as one of the sub-officers, in a teenage tirade, ended up kicking all of the outfit members that he could, including me. Tens of thousands of outfit points down the tubes and a decision made easy.

I took a few months off of the game and then switched to VS. I pretty much soloed my way to BR17, joining a few squads here and there. My goal was to bide my time and wait until an outfit I felt I would fit into came along. DARK was the landslide winner. :D

Anyway, glad to see you stop by and hope to see you around here and in game.

Author:  CrusherMcGee [ Mon Nov 08, 2004 3:46 pm ]
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Good playing with you the other day. After starting off with a strong dislike of the caves, they've slowly worked their crystalline talons into me, and they're getting close to becoming my favorite place to play.

My background has some similarities with Ghol. A good friend got me into PS originally. He and another guy had started an outfit (maybe twice the size of DARK at that point) and were actively growing it, so I happily joined up. It was a good time. I knew most of the folks, and while the outfit was growing rapidly, I had a good connection with the core group that started it. I played for a few months and had a good time, but for a variety of reasons (mostly parenting related) had to put in on the shelf for several months.

When I came back, the outfit had kicked me out (I wasn't surprised) and had grown into one of the largest and most prominent VS outfits. I barely recognized anyone other than my friend and a couple other folks, and large-scale recruiting being what it sometimes is, I wasn't sure it was an outfit I still wanted to be in. Rather than signing up again, I spent a little time doing my own thing until I ran into Mal who convinced me to take a chance on a small growing outfit. I wasn't disappointed.

Within a few weeks, I ran into my friend again. He made a push to sign me back up and plug me back into their structure. I was really torn and went back and forth for a while. Ultimately, I decided that I'd rather play with a smaller group of folks who I had grown to know and really like, than join the behemoth that the other outfit had become, even if it was my roots, so to speak.

Its now 4 months later and I made the right choice. DARK has continued to slowly grow, adding one good person at a time, and has just gotten better and better. The other outfit, though still huge in number of members, has more and more inactive members, is slipping in the OP standings, and the people I run into from that outfit are less and less like the kind of people I'd like spend my time playing PS with. I'd bet that DARK is still in existence when the other outfit folds. Definitely the right choice.

Author:  Batosai [ Mon Nov 08, 2004 4:39 pm ]
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That's basically what the triads are becoming except for the hugeness. I have done my best to convince the people in charge now to keep it small. Even though I founded the outfit, I get no respect from any of the new members, one of the reasons I was squadless on sunday night, I had just left the outfit squad after being berated about another guy they felt "deserved SL". I spat back "deserves??" And was done. It seems like that happens a lot. None of my friends are ever on. On the other hand, Dark seems so far like a very strong and democratically organized outfit. Outfits can only be as good as their leader. Which is why I think you guys seems so good so fast. The current triads leader is having many R/L problems which are reflecting in-game. Don't mistake what I am saying for ill-will towards him or them. I just want people to understand I'm not an outfit jumper. I'm loyal to a fault... I have been around as long as Malign, and It took the triads several months to reach 100,000 op's. You guys have accomplished 300,000 in that time. Even given the games differences now that is a huge feat. I am still torn, but will come to a decision. Either way I'll probably be on and looking for a dark squad tonight. Unless by some slim twist of fate there are some triads i want to play with. Who aren't in a huge BFR battle...

oh, and my posts are normally like this...usually I follow long posts with:

:twisted: witn3ss t3h p0w3r of my ADD :twisted:

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