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Application from GAMES

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1. Gamesarecoor
2. Alternate Characters
Buddybot (TR)
3. RL Name: Ian
4. Age: 24
5. Time Zone: US Eastern,
Frequency of play: Varies, 4-20 hours
Expected decrease in spring college semester to ~4-12
6. Got lucky in a squad matchup and met XxsniperxX, Weasel, Cal, and some other fellas. We liked each other and I was invited to the outfit, stayed with it ever since.
7. Probably won't play as often in the school year and now that I have a job. Friday and Saturday are the most likely days of play for me unless we do Sunday morning too.

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Re: Application from GAMES

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Congratulations Mr.Games, our longest serving applicant! Great work on the paperwork.

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