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In VR I moved around after hitting the ability button and said "Is it on?"

These quick tests were done in VR where splash damage was and still is broken, so comet and vortex may be off slightly.

Pre-nerf with ZOE on against infantry:
143 & 167 AI weapons: 1 less shot to kill at all ranges
Comet: 1 less shot to kill at all ranges
Vortex 1charge: 1 less shot to kill at all ranges
Vortex 3charge: 1 less full charge to kill at all ranges

Post-nerf with ZOE on against infantry:
143 & 167 AI weapons: No change at any range
Comet: 1 less shot to kill within 20m (this projectile now shoots straight out from the camera, yay!)
Vortex 1charge: No change at any range (other than it only takes 6 1c (half a clip) to kill infantry now)
Vortex 3charge: No change at any range (this is really odd, but it still takes a whole clip to kill infantry if you use full charges)

O ya, the 15sec forced use and 30sec cool down is neat too. At least the recharge starts when you activate! Apparently rank 4 and 5 lets you take a bit more damage than you could before this patch (the already nerfed once version).

I think back to when Higby posted those pie charts on twitter of MAX abilities used by players a few days ago. I think he's proud to see their new MAX abilities not being used, and ZOE almost being half of the VS MAX abilities pie chart means it should become useless like the other 2. :mrgreen:

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Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:17 am
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Post Re: RIP ZOE
Depending on whether the speed increase is still noticeable I may still use it as an alternative to charge. 15 seconds of sustained and controllable speed increase may prove more useful than one big burst of speed that's difficult to control. I'll take a look at the difference between the two when I get home tonight.

As far as combat use? If those numbers you've posted are accurate, Obi, I don't see myself ever using it for combat again unless it's just to move past a group of enemies like I would with charge anyways. Why did SOE bother leaving the damage increase intact if it doesn't provide any sort of benefit?

Oh well. Even if it is sad, obnoxious, and kind of makes you wonder why they're even there, I suppose it's for the best that the MAX abilities are essentially useless. MAXes were always supposed to be lumbering infantry tanks, not ultimate high-speed death machines that totally outweigh any other use of infantry resources.

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Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:21 pm
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Post Re: RIP ZOE

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Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:36 pm
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