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Author:  ObsidianOne [ Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  fun / trying too hard

Crickets on the forum here, so here is a post on the official forum (rarely worth linking anything there lol), with a few decent replies, that I like to read and think about once in a while after playing a game for a while. Especially if getting too much into game issues/annoyances and probably focusing too much on stats than having fun and going back into a gameplay style I love or that really keeps bringing me back into a game.

https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/ind ... es.129065/

How do you play to relax and have fun (it is a game some people appear to forget lol)? You ever feel like your trying too hard or focus on the stats/farm gameplay too much (does that really bring you back to the game?)?

Author:  Calisai [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: fun / trying to hard

Meh, I'll go first. :D *** warning... inbound wall of text ***

Two different questions here for me:

How I play to have fun:

My "fun" playstyle is predicated on getting the jump on a player. Whether this is in a Mag, as Light Assault, Infiltrator, Engy, Max.... doesn't matter. I like to flank and come at people from angles they don't expect. I feel satisfaction when I get a nice easy shot to their back... with no hope of return fire. The skills I've developed are all about doing the most amount of damage while taking the least amount... preferably without being seen... or using hit-and-run tactics.

This is how i've played most games... going all the way back to my first computer games... Even when I was playing paintball in high-school and college, this was my playstyle... Avoid head-on confrontations... use positioning to gain an advantage or disengage and attack from a different angle.

That's why I use the Pump-actions and the SMG or Sniper for my Infil. I give up my ability to do mid-range combat and head-to-head fights in order to force myself to flank and use cover to gain the ability to OHK. That's also why I used to love the thresher in PS1 (was very good at keeping that paper-thin vehicle alive and getting my gunners kills with it) and why I absolutely love the Mag. I don't think I'd be tanking if I was on TR/NC... it just doesn't suit my playstyle.

How I play to relax:

Ah... to relax.....

The biggest for me is sniping.... Either from spawnrooms...(where I'm really relaxed and having fun) or out on a ridge-line somewhere. I'll run for 5 minutes to get to that great spot to snipe from... and i'm talking LONG range sniping mostly. 12x scope and still needing 2-3 mil-dots of drop with the Parallax..... It's all about waiting for the perfect headshot... i'm not worried about getting X numbers of kill per minute or some such... just looking for the perfect hit.... My most rewarding killboard would be 10-10 headshot kills.... even if it took 10 minutes to get them.

Basically an offshoot of the playing for fun... but at a much more relaxed and slower pace.

trying too hard or focus on the stats too much?

I pay attention to my K/D but only in so far as to my overall night. It's really a meaningless statistic as it can be manipulated severely. I know this because I do it all the time. For some odd reason, even though I know it... I also enjoy doing so in order to keep my 3/1 ratio whenever possible. Due to both my fun and relaxing playstyles above... The Mag, Max, & Sniper rifle are able to offset my "suicide engy" and "LA berserker" playstyles. I imagine the amount of Sundies that I've killed by rushing them on foot is impressive... if they'd actually have kept stats on them. That is the sole reason I have C4 & AT mines... killing sundies. It's those times that I'll throw 4-5 deaths at a single sundy if I don't succeed the first time.

It's this reason that... even though I focus on the stats part (K/D, kills per weapon, vehicle kills, etc.)... it's not my sole purpose, and i'm willing to totally ignore them for a decent amount of time if the reason is good enough.

When I don't have fun...

This is usually due to being forced into playing a role that I don't especially like or playing the same role too long. Even though I have so many certs into Mag, I do have enough in various other things to be able to switch things up quite often. Most of the time, this is session to session depending on mood... but if a situation arises that fits a particular playstyle... I'll slide right into it, get things done, then slide back into what I was doing.

I've had more fun in Planetside 1/2 than any other franchise. That's why, even when I fully burned out at times playing PS1, I would always be back. Even if it was a year later.

I've been playing PS2 for a year now (July 20th, I was accepted into tech test... happy 1-year anniversary), and with 722 playhours since release, probably about the same prior to release (was on quite often) and untold number of hours reading forums, watching videos, putting videos together, etc. Even though certain aspects of this game have gotten to me... and are annoying and cause me to bitch about it... I'm here to stay for quite awhile.

Author:  ObsidianOne [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: fun / trying too hard

Wow that was longer than I expected anyone to post.

Generally I think most people I play with don't stress themselves out over too much. Obviously the only completely stress free gameplay your going to get in a PvP shooter like PS2 is going to be VR. Most of us are probably on nightly FOR the stress and adrenaline rush of a good fight. From an outfit op nail biter, or to a simple 1 on 1 engagement with a nemesis or, more frequent in PS2, a mass of troops your holding off, or dying horribly to but taking down a few with you, and/or knowing your helping other friendlies somewhere else. Playing support can definitely be a lot less frustrating for some if that's your thing, but you'll get the same rush as you save your squad from being wiped, for example.

Definitely something to think about when the little annoyances of a game start to build up in you overtime after playing a while, or you get locked in on some stat or something that forces you in situations that are just not fun for you. It might sound stupid, but there are a lot of people that get in those situations, then step back one day, or look back on it, and wonder WTH they were doing/thinking. :D

Author:  Woapalanne [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: fun / trying too hard

I find fun in the group ops - the tactical runs and team work. This is the reason I came back to dark after five or so years. Dark use to have better op runs, in all honesty - at least the way I remember it.

I log on nightly to join a group of mature players doing team work runs. I rather stay away from the zerg but be close enough to the zerg not to get farmed. I really hate being farmed.

I care little when it comes to player stats. I don't care a whole lot about my points or how total kills I get in the night or the number certs I finish with. My score per minute is meaningless to me along with what rewards I received or when I will reach the next BR rank.

With that said I do look at the nightly K/D. I kick myself every time though because really it should not matter but it drives me nuts knowing that I am dieing more than killing the enemy. (goes back to the being farmed thing I guess) I don't care if I have the highest K/D in the outfit or the lowest. I just want more kills than deaths.

I am not having fun...
I don't like being forced to play different classes, being farmed (as mentioned), or playing solo.

Author:  PhunkSauce [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: fun / trying too hard

For me fun in games comes from three places. In order for a game to maintain any significant replay value in my eyes (with a couple old school exceptions) I need to be able to maintain a balance of these. Competency, progression, and community.

Competency: I want to master something. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was. I don't get my jollies from dominating other players, I get them from being able to know that I am among the best of them. In any game I play, I want to be great at it: simple as that. Planetside does this for me.

Progression: I like a game where I'm continuously working towards a new goal: Leveling up, unlocking something, building something spectacular, nabbing a new item. When I hit the top, I'm likely to grow bored. I get a nerd rush every time I make a step forward in a game. Planetside does this for me.

Community: I'm not likely to continue playing a game unless I have a good crew to do it with. I want to play with people who I feel are competent as well, and who don't take themselves so seriously they loose sight of the social importance of a gaming group. I also want to be able to get to know the rest of the community in a game. Nothing turns me off more than console games where you enter a lobby of immature gamers who you'll never get to know or talk to again. I love a community where I can become close to both ally and enemy. Planetside does this for me, and DARK does this for me.

TL;DR: Planetside and DARK fulfill my 3 major needs in a game. I just need to remember not to get too hung up on any one of them and enjoy the entirety of the game (stat-whoring = competency drive, results in stress without the balance of the other two). Glad to be playing this game, and even more glad to be playing it with DARK.

Author:  MightyMouser [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: fun / trying too hard

Following Cal's lead, I'm going to break this into his 4 topics:

How I play to have fun:

Fun for me is mostly derived from the large(r) scale tactics. I like watching a battle unfold over the course of a play session and looking back at key points where the decisions and actions I made, and we carried out, changed the course of the fight. I even enjoy running back over the night and looking for places where we did the wrong thing, where zagging instead of zigging would possibly have changed the course of events for the better.

The best feeling for me is not derived from climbing BRs or working my K/D average, but from planning and then executing ops that have some value in the fight. Nights when those ops are really working and the outfit is firing on all cylinders are the nights that stick out in my mind from PS1 as the best gaming experiences of my eLife, and every time I log into the game it's with the hope of repeating that (albeit in the somewhat limited way allowed in PS2, atm).

How I play to relax:

Planning and running ops is where I get my 'fun', but it's highly involved and can turn stressful so the flip side of that (and what I do to relax) is generally the exact opposite. I'll pick some random task, that may or may not have any value in the game, such as getting to the top of a building, or destroying a generator; then I just keep trying for that task until I make it or I can't try anymore (e.g., after we take the base). During these times I'll tend to tune everything out, because as soon as I start paying attention to the fight around me I'll compulsively slip back into 'commanding' mode and start back to looking for ops to run (which leads me back to burn out).

trying too hard or focus on the stats too much?
There are certainly times when I get overly frustrated because ops don't work (or are just plain impossible, for one reason or another). I don't really care about my stats (and I think their low level speaks for itself), but I do care (too much?) about the overall empire's position and DARKs win-loss record in terms of ops. If we have more than 3 ops go sour in a row I start stressing more than is probably healthy.

When I don't have fun...

When ops are going poorly I tend to get a little twitch. What's worse is when I look at the map and I can't find a single useful thing that we can accomplish. I don't particularly enjoy zerging, and I feel bad when there're enough DARKies on that we should be doing something useful but instead we're sitting at a not particularly important outpost with a not particularly fun fight.

I'll note as an addendum here; if this was still PS1 I'd have included a bit about cloaking being my bread and butter in the 'what I do to relax' bit, but honestly cloaking in PS1 was fun for me because it was a way that I could run a solo mission (which might take quite a while) and still have a really significant impact on the battle over the long term; that's completely untrue for just about every class in PS2; given that I can play just about any class and derive an equal level of enjoyment.

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