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Dev plans for Resource Revamp 
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Post Dev plans for Resource Revamp
Due in September, the same month Implants have been pushed back to.

• There are two resources:
    1. Facility resource (Power)
    2. Personal Resource (Nanites)

• Resources are reduced to a single currency and acquisition timers are removed.

• Inventory for infantry items is removed - changed to pay on use

• Individual Bases/Facilities supply Resources for local players

• Bases/Facilities have a power level that is drained by providing resources to local players
    There is a passive power regen to offset the cost of small skirmishes and to restore full power when no combat is taking place.
    Full powered bases provide more resources than low powered ones
    The more players being given resources, the faster the power drain

• Addition of Auraxium Crystals/Mines as a power source
    These are resource nodes added in between facilities
    Vehicles fitted with appropriate equipment can load up auraxium at these nodes
    This auraxium can be transported to a base to manually refill it’s power reserves

• When a base is totally out of power, no resources are provided to the friendly troops in the area. This allows the attacker cut off entrenched defenders from using resources if they can keep supply vehicles from breaking their blockade

• Personal resource income is affected by power level. So a facility at 50% power will have half the resource income to players being supplied by that facility.

• Power is drained based on players being supplied, not their actions. So one player pulling a vehicle is not going to be harmful. The more players being supplied the more power is drained (it's a stepwise function, not linear). Idea is that small groups will have little or no effect on power drain but it is a much more significant factor in larger battles. The 'steps' closely map to the activity levels - squad, 2 squads, platoon, 2 platoons, etc.

• Warpgates provide a small amount of power inflow to connected facilities. This is enough to offset any drain for small groups, and empty facilities will slowly recharge over time on their own (so no running around fueling up bases). Severing lattice where possible can be very impactful to the facilities that are cut off.

• How players spend their resulting resources does not affect other players. That part of the system works the same as it does today - players have resources and they spend them on vehicles and consumables. Instead of having 3 separate resources there will be one resource.

• Roughly speaking you should be able to go from empty to full resources in about 10 minutes in ideal conditions. That may change but that's the ballpark. The goal is that if you want to do one thing like drive tanks or fly aircraft, you can do that if you save your resources for those things. We also don't want to have too much save-up power so you are affected when resource income is reduced. Deep pockets insulates that so we don't want pockets to be too deep.

• Acquisition timer certs will likely be refunded. This seems like the most fair way to handle it.

• The power-fetching aspect is intended to be focused around large battles to spread them out. Power-carrying vehicles would show up on the continent map so they would be mobile objectives, primarily for vehicle combat. This isn't intended to be a boring tedious thing so much as a sort of capture-the-flag style gameplay where the power carrier is highly likely to see action.

• Warpgates are facilities that do not suffer power drain, so they are always available as a recharge point.

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:34 am
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Post Re: Dev plans for Resource Revamp
More details and clarifications from Malorn on Reddit:

• I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an ANT. What would make the ANT worth having and worth investing certs into or buying cosmetics for it? It needs to be more than a space truck for it to be a fun vehicle.

• Resources aren't shared between players in the planned design. Players have their own individual resources that are distributed by the facility. The amount of resources distributed depends on the power level of the facility, and possibly how many players are being supplied. Another player pulling sunderers will not affect the drain rate, nor will it affect your personal resources.

• Resource tick would be faster, current plan is once every minute. All facilities currently planned to have same resource income rates. We could make them different but it makes balancing a lot more challenging, and it doesn't seem to be worth the complexity hit. Want to keep it simple so it's easier for a new player to learn (I always have my Tutorial hat on :))

• Nothing stops idling. If you're idling in an uncontested area then you're not fighting, which means you're not helping your team. Idlingis its own penalty. Though it should be noted that you won't need to idle for a half hour to get your resources up like in the game now. So it shouldn't be toxic idling like we saw in Beta for Auraxium or like we see today.

• Just to set expectations, it is unlikely this would all be rolled out in one update.

• So the way it planned to work is that you are supplied by the current facility if it is friendly. If in enemy territory you are supplied by the nearest friendly facility within 1 lattice link. If you don't have a friendly facility within 1 link then your resource income is 0. For example, if your team owns Scarred Mesa and is attacking Regent Rock then the attacking force at Regent Rock is being supplied by Scarred Mesa, and Scarred Mesa will lose power due to attackers just as Regent Rock loses power due to defenders. Both sides have opportunity to hinder resource flow.

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:28 am
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Post Re: Dev plans for Resource Revamp
Um ... sweet? Though how 'dumb' do the devs have to feel that over time they are slowly implementing major PS1 mechanics despite their clear opposition to them in early development..

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:50 am
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