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The downside of the "Preferred Server By Faction" changes: 
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Post The downside of the "Preferred Server By Faction" changes:
While it is great that Mattherson NC and TR are getting some fresh blood (they need it), tonight I just felt bad. Killed a ton of BR7 and lower. Multiple BR1.

OB, Erendil, and Neko will know what I mean. I was talking a bit in TS about it. This one guy, on the NC(!), sent me a friend request. Thought that was a bit odd and just ignored it. This morning after I logged out, I pulled him up on Players. Last kill? Me, after killing him 3 times, Neko killing him 3 times, and OB killing him once....he logged.

Why exactly do I feel somewhat bad? I'll show you:

https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428 ... 3025/stats

.04 KD, 19.9 SPM, 5 kills, 117 deaths (!?!?!? Hell, I would have LET HIM kill me if I knew that...), not in an outfit, and sending random friend invites (LOTS!!)...probably because he's looking for help/pointers.

Yeah, I do feel bad. LOL

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Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:27 am

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Post Re: The downside of the "Preferred Server By Faction" change
I know what you mean.

I almost wish there was a different color dorito for BR 1-5 like there was in PS1 (uniform color difference). Sometimes on the smaller fights, I would actually let them get a few extra chances to kill me.

I will say, there has been quite a big spike in lower BR characters, and I don't think it's all the preferred faction change. I think with summer officially in gear, we are getting a lot more kids logging on to the free shooter game. Been noticing a lot more people shooting my Mag with small arms fire, sniper rifles, etc.

I think for the good of the game, I'm going to cut back on pure farming and work on other things for awhile. I felt a little bad yesterday... logged on to a biolab alert ... died twice in an ESF getting to Mani... then went 50-0 running a Max for a nice little 50-2 K/D. (without a pocket engy)

Course, Any engagements (mid to large) with other outfits i'm going to continue to go full bore.

Oh, btw... I found a way I can fly effectively. http://youtu.be/Y1ag_NCkYas :shock:

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Post Re: The downside of the "Preferred Server By Faction" change
I can't put my self in a new player's shoes after playing PS1 since release and PS2 since alpha. Luckily the tutorials are getting better.

A while ago I saw people on the PS2 forum and reddit mentioning sending tells and suggestions to low BRs they kill. Try that next time you uberpwn one!

If that player's stats are that bad Acuta, I'm not sure if they've even played an FPS before, lol.

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Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:44 am
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Post Re: The downside of the "Preferred Server By Faction" change

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