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Request Reinforcements & Reinforcements Needed
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Author:  ObsidianOne [ Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  Request Reinforcements & Reinforcements Needed

Author:  Calisai [ Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Request Reinforcements & Reinforcements Needed

I've seen the icon on the map many times, but rarely is there a spawn point next to it. (When i'm on a separate part of the map).

I have a feeling that it's either not implemented yet, or with all the major changes they keep doing to the spawn screen, it got broken somewhere along the line. It would be nice to place one of these down and have pub's be able to spawn there, but I think that could be something that can be abused, so I can also see where it might not be desired.

Author:  Fed [ Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Request Reinforcements & Reinforcements Needed

Could it require more than 1 defensive request? To prevent one SL from setting points all over the map for his group? I dunno, but I'm agreeing that this doesn't seem to work as I thought it did.

Author:  Nekosinner [ Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Request Reinforcements & Reinforcements Needed

To be honest it's more of a failsafe anyone can log into a alt that is losing and request and fuck them over example Necrosexual and Iamcommandersheped would be those people who would fuck with other empires with that feature and kinda glad it's not in. They should make it where Battleranks 100 can request for it putting it as a spawn-able base.

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