Need extended desktop help!
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Author:  Acuta73 [ Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Need extended desktop help!

Ok, trying to tie in a DVR card into my monitor system.

I have a Sapphire HD6950 with:

2 Mini-Displayport

My main monitor (27" Acer) is connected via HDMI

My current extended desktop (22" LG) is connected via DVI

I got a Mini-DP to HDMI adapter and hooked the DVR card on my HTPC to it (which is connected to a 42" LG)


I can only get extended desktop to my normal 2 monitors, and duplicating my primary display (which makes the most sense for video capture) creates a "cannot save changes" error. It also wants to default my main monitor to the damn DVR card and make my main monitor the extended.../boggle

Any ideas? Should I swap my main to the Mini-DP and put the card on the HDMI....OR? Tired of fighting with it right now...so I'm hoping someone has tried this.

Author:  Fed [ Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Need extended desktop help!

I don't have any specific advise for your situation. Though I can share in the frustration of properly configuring multi-display setups. I've found that each card has its own nuisances. One of the steps you mentioned actually helps quite a bit of the time, just trying changing the ports around between the different displays. Quite often the very first port is what the card wants to assign as default/primary display.

Also, trusty ole Google can definitely be your friend in this. Don't search your specific problem, but try your card model and 'multi display problem' or something of that nature. Surely someone has had a similar experience.

Good luck!

EDIT: After thinking about this some more, I'm wondering what the intent is with the DVR card. These cards are meant for recording video streams, they do not typically produce a video output (i.e. something for your video card to reproduce on the main rig) of their own. If you're trying to record video from your PC with your HTPC DVR card, this might be possible, but you wouldn't see stream with an 'extended desktop' mode from the video card. You'd have to open the recording stream on the HTPC to see the output from the PC.

Author:  Acuta73 [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Need extended desktop help!

Had given up on this post and didn't see you had posted...my apologies!

The intent is to record via FRAPS off the card installed in my HTPC (the video capture using the card's software is pretty bad) using a long Loop Buffer so as to not kill my in-game FPS (have pretty low FPS to begin with) and induce more lag. The oddity is that the card identifies as a display device, which is fine sans the fact I can't get the game to appear to the card without duplicating my main screen. Again, this would be easy if I didn't run extended desktop and if I weren't incredibly anal about maintaining it (my extended has my TS3 up so I can see who is talking, etc as well as having all my PC Health statistics running).

You are correct, once I start up the cards software, I can see what I intend to record. Right now what I see is my main display, which is exactly what I want...except that my main display becomes an extended desktop.

Hope that makes any sense to you, not sure it does to me. LOL

Edit: The card has an output to my TV FWIW.

Author:  MightyMouser [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Need extended desktop help!

The outports from these cards can be ridiculously finicky; can you make the DVI port the primary display and duplicate it on the mini display port? Also, are you configuring your displays with the Catalyst Control Center, or with Window's built-in controls? Whichever one you are using (and I'd suggest the Widows controls, personally) Try using the other and see if that makes a difference for you...

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