Maximizing FPS in Planetside...
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Author:  PhunkSauce [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Maximizing FPS in Planetside...

I feel like this is warranted... especially with the FPS hit in the last update.

Here's a nice video I found on improving FPS for the game for those with slightly slower computers (or those with nicer computers like myself who just want a smoother experience in large battles).

There are a couple tips he gave that I would ignore if your computer runs the game reasonably well. Here's what I recommend instead:

- Run the game at 1920x1080 if you can
- Keep render distance at 3000 or higher if you can (beyond about 4000 you aren't going to be able to hit anything anyways)
- Keep vertical fov maxed always


Don't be scared by the video length, only about the first 8 minutes are useful information. You can access the file he's editing by:
- Opening the PlanetSide launcher
- Clicking the wrench in the bottom left
- Click "Open Game Directory"
- Find "UserOptions.ini"

edit: Added how to find the .ini file.

Author:  PhunkSauce [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maximizing FPS in Planetside...

A couple additional notes...

- A big part of the FPS issue currently is server-side and/or issues with the last update. SOE will likely have this fixed soon, especially after the complaints they got from MLG.

- If you turn off shadows completely, you'll get a glitch where sunlight shines right through buildings. I suggest putting them on low rather than off.

Author:  SirAlydon [ Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maximizing FPS in Planetside...

I'll have to watch this sometime tonight when I get home. I'm always looking to find ways to squeeze out a few more FPS outta PS2. I'm curious to see how their suggestions match up to my own findings...

Along similar lines, the below was posted by one of the Devs during Beta on how to increase your performance. Spears posted this in Whispers but I see no harm in putting it here as well as it has helped me in the past. Keep in mind the CPU/GPU bottleneck indicator wasn't present on the in-game frame counter at the time this was written so it doesn't mention it at all. It's still good info tho:


Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading these forums for a while and doing some testing and come to the conclusion we needed to put up a step-by-step “best practice” tweak guide. As we patch, I hope to update this to include new fixes and adjustments. This should help you adjust to the best frame rate you can get currently. This is a collection of input from you and also from my own testing. If you find performance gets worse when you make one of these changes, please let me know in the comments and we'll update this as we go forward.

[Step 1]
Delete or rename your UserOptions file and start from scratch with your settings in the game. During this part of Beta, you should probably do this each time we announce a significant patch. Once you do this, launch the game.

[Step 2]
Set everything to medium, well everything except Render Quality – leave this at 100% for the moment. Once all settings are at medium, logout and EXIT, then restart the client. There are a couple of settings that might not get reset properly unless you exit, so please remember to actually EXIT, not just log out.

[Step 3]
Now that you’ve started up, pick a server and get into the warp-gate spawn location of a low-population server (location isn’t important right now, since network lag won’t be part of this tweaking).

[Step 4]
Set the game to full-screen, native resolution (the “normal” resolution for a single monitor) – you folks running massive monitor setups, please start with just one for now and progress from there after you complete these steps. Now press ALT+F to display your frame-rate in the BOTTOM RIGHT of the screen (just underneath the mini-map display). Pick a location and something to look at and then note your fps number.

[Step 5]
Go into graphics settings, set render quality to 50% (just for now, this is a test). Now make sure you’re looking at roughly the same thing from roughly the same location – note your NEW fps number. Now there will be two sections, pick based on what happened with your fps number.

[if your fps number went up noticably]
Your graphics card is controlling your frame rate more than your CPU. You should try the next series of changes, in this order (and one at a time, if you’re patient – no need to turn something off if it doesn’t affect frame rate here )
1. Decrease resolution
2. Use a Render Quality other than 100% (try 85%)
3. Turn down shadows
4. Turn off options with checkboxes (no order here, cards all vary in the costs of these)
5. Turn down lighting quality
6. Turn down flora quality
7. Turn down model quality
8. Turn down particle quality and effects quality together.
9. Turn down texture quality

[if your fps number DIDN’T go up much]
1. Lower the audio quality
2. Lower the Terrain quality
3. Lower the particle and effects quality (yes both of these)
Your GPU isn’t limiting you it should be possible to get better looking graphics. Reset to HIGH, and then go back to step 4 with the HIGH settings on everything.

There are other settings in the UserOptions configuration file that can be changed, but if we didn't put up a UI section for it then some bad things might happen if you change them. You make these changes at your own risk for now - we do plan on adding some additional options as we stabilize these things and hope to put more information here.

Good luck, and see you in Indar!

Author:  SirAlydon [ Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maximizing FPS in Planetside...

For those of you who are having low frame rate issues in PS2 or who like to tweak your settings here's a good tweak guide put together by the guys @Nvidia for PS2, complete with benchmarks, side-by-side comparison pics, etc: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/guides%20...%20ak-guide#1

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