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Patch Notes 03.01.2013 
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Post Patch Notes 03.01.2013
Players on impacted servers will find their characters intact on the following servers:
    Genudine to Helios
    SolTech to Mattherson
    Jaegar to Waterson
    Lithicorp to Cobalt
    Mallory to Ceres

Players may note the following changes:
    New pump action shotguns are available in the depot. These boast increased stopping power in exchange for a reduced rate of fire.
      New Conglomerate: GD-66 Claw
      Vanu Sovereignty: Phobos VX86
      Terran Republic: TRS-12 Uppercut
    Reduced impact flinch and evened out flinch amount based on damage
    Reduced screen shake from explosions
    Client stability improvements
    Server optimizations
    Fixed an issue causing NC shotgun slug ammo to do too much damage at range. Should now be in line with the other empires.
    Fix for NC MAX slug ammo having a longer range than intended
    Server merges


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Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:42 am
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Post Re: Patch Notes 03.01.2013
Pump action shotguns: ... erpage=250

10 pellets instead of 6, same damage per.
ROF is cut in half compared to other shotties. I only really noticed during those up close and personal freaking out moments, in which you'll be doing a lot of damage or getting a kill if you hit anyway.
Reload time per shot in real world testing seems about the same between a partial mag and full. I timed just over 1 second to reload and fire when reloading at 4 out of 5 left, and about 5 seconds to reload and fire once reaching 0 and auto reloading. So, a full mag reload is a lot longer than a Nova.
You can stop the reload to fire in the middle of reloading as expected with this type of shotgun.
Same certs as Nova, without the useless forward grip.
Extended mag adds 2, with a max total of 7, but that also increases your total reload speed, unlike with the other shotguns.

Firing at a distance, like with slugs, it doesn't climb at all, but it will continually jump down to the same spot just below your first shot as the pump action animation plays, unless you wait half a second more. Though it doesn't actually "climb" down. I'm not sure if this is better or worse than climbing up like the other shotguns yet.

Pellets ADS from about 15m, bodyshots, 1 shot:
    Nova: 25% shields down
    Pump-action: 50% shields down

TTK appears the same here, but I feel the way the pump-actions work, you may line those shots up easier.

Pellets from hip pointblank, bodyshot(s):
    Nova: 2 shot kill
    Pump-action: 1 shot kill

Slugs ADS at 15m and in, bodyshots:
    Nova: 3 shot kill
    Pump-action: 2 shot kill

Slugs ADS at 15m and in, headshot(s):
    Nova: 2 shot kill
    Pump-action: 1 shot kill

Past 15m or so, the pump-action slugs also require 2 headshots to kill. I think we were still getting 2 slug shot body shot kills at 40m with the pump-action, but I can't recall exactly. The damage appears to drop off to Nova damage, requiring 3 body shots at medium to long ranges.

I'd like to test MAXes again, but a Nova extended clip pointblank bodyshots took down a MAX without unloading the clip. The Pump-action extended clip, all bodyshots, was like half a health bar left, so I wonder if it does infact require at least 1 of the 7 shots to nick the head.

Thanks to Acuta for testing some things.

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Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:38 pm
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